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Women who buy Alesse online are generally well informed of the proper ways to use it, but you may need to refer to a reliable source if you have questions...

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Introduction to Alesse Birth Control

Alesse Ovral L

Alesse (Ovral L) is a combination oral hormonal contraceptive, otherwise called "The Pill", and is one of the most common types of birth control. A combination contraceptive pill is the one that contains two types of hormones - a progestin and an estrogen, which tend to provide better results when used together, giving certain advantages and ensuring that Alesse is easy and convenient to use, does not have many side effects, is rather inexpensive compared to other similar drugs (especially if you buy Alesse online), and may provide certain additional benefits, such as reducing the severity of symptoms of menstruation, or helping with acne. Alesse is used rather frequently to specifically treat certain types of acne, and is quite effective at what it does, if you do not mind the contraceptive effect. Note that Alesse should only be used by women above 14 years old who have already had their first period. If you buy Alesse, remember that this pill, same as any other medication, may not be suited for everyone. If there is anything wrong with your health (e.g. if you are sick, or if you experience any adverse symptoms that were not examined by your doctor), or if your medical history lists any serious medical conditions or disorders, you should consult a professional physician before trying Alesse. More information on precautions can be found further on this page.

The Benefits of Using Alesse

Although combination hormonal contraceptive pills are the most common type of medications in this class of birth control drugs, Alesse is what you might call a newcomer to the market of hormonal contraception. The basic concept for its appearance was very simple - make an effective birth control pill using the least possible amount of active ingredients to ensure its safety. The components chosen were two of perhaps the most common hormonal substances used in oral contraceptive drugs: a progestin levonorgestrel, and an estrogen ethinyl estradiol. The pharmacists suggested that the usual 50/50 combination contained in other similar pills is not an effective one, and further claimed that by using 100mcg of levonorgestrel and 20mcg of ethinyl estradiol in a single pill, all of the benefits of these two ingredients can be brought out. The main point of this innovation is that the drug turns out to be less hazardous for the body, because the total volume of hormonal ingredients is slightly reduced, all while maintaining able effectiveness. In terms of pharmacology, Alesse is not that different from other hormonal contraceptives.

It delivers several essential effects that work to prevent pregnancy by:

You may be wondering if there is a reason for different drugs to exist if they all work the same, and the answer to that is very simple. Apart from the advancing medical technology that allows to make the drugs more safe, every formulation of the same ingredients still works slightly differently, and some women may take the treatment with one drug better than with the other one. It is simply the matter of finding one that works for you, and Alesse may fit that role if you give it a chance. Should you buy Alesse birth control online and have some questions on how to properly use it, rest assured - in the next section, we have provided comprehensive instructions that, in addition to the instructions leaflet included in the drug package, should help resolve at least some of the troubles you might have. If this is still is not enough and you have further questions, we would ask you to contact your medical healthcare provider, or talk to a pharmacist.

When to Start Taking Alesse

You may choose to start taking Alesse on one of the two recommended points:

Although these starting dates are usually the most common ones, your doctor may decide that it is better for you to start in a different date. Naturally, you should follow the doctor on this one, and on any other additional recommendations she may give you.

How to Properly Take Alesse

If this is your first time taking a hormonal contraceptive pill, reading through all the provided instructions (and precautions) may greatly help you before the start of treatment, as well as during the time you will be taking this drug. When you purchase Alesse (whether you buy Alesse birth control online or from a local pharmacy), included within the product package you will find an information leaflet that contains everything you need to know about the proper way to take Alesse.

To make sure some of the key points can be fully understood, we will explain them in a little more detail further on:

Things to Look Out for Before Taking Alesse

Currently, you are able to buy Alesse, if you do not wish to bother yourself with a doctor's visit, but we still recommend you to make sure your medical condition would not make the treatment dangerous in any way. Certain disorders may prove to be among such dangers during the treatment, and although it is not possible to list all the various medical details that may influence the therapy, provided below is a list of the most serious disorders that may require a specific approach to the treatment:

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