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While the option to buy Ortho Tri Cyclen online is indeed a more convenient one, you will still need to learn all the details of treatment before you can begin...

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Introduction to Ortho Tri Cyclen Oral Contraceptive

Tri Cyclen Triquilar

Ortho Tri Cyclen is an oral combination hormonal contraceptive, commonly referred to as "The Pill". Ortho Tri Cyclen can be used to prevent pregnancy in women who have reached the age of 15, and it may also help reduce acne and make the process of menstruation less uncomfortable.

This medication stands as one of the top players in the field of hormonal contraception, and for a good reason, since it is:

Still, with all the praise being sent toward Ortho Tri Cyclen's way, this drug may not be suited for everybody. If you ever had blood clotting or heart problems, or have high blood pressure, you may need to consider the potential dangers of using this drug in your condition. You doctor will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the necessary precautions before using Ortho Tri Cyclen, and you can view a little more detailed list of conditions further on this page. This information is a definite thing to consider if you intend to buy Ortho Tri Cyclen online, and have not yet consulted a physician regarding the possible advantages and disadvantages of using this contraceptive pill.

Detailed Information about Ortho Tri Cyclen

Along with several other birth control drugs, Ortho Tri Cyclen is generally called "The Pill" - oral contraceptive medications containing female hormones that, when taken, work to prevent pregnancy. "The Pill" actually includes several types of medications, which differ based on the exact formulation and the choice of hormones within, and whether the drug contains both a progestin and an estrogen, or involves progestin only. Ortho Tri Cyclen is a combined birth control pill, meaning it belongs to the former subclass: the substance acting as the progestin is norgestimate, and the estrogen is ethinyl estradiol. This pill is identical to several other brands, such as Triquilar. Most of these drugs are prescription based, meaning that usually you can only buy buy Triquilar and Ortho Tri Cyclen after getting your doctor's approval. In general, combined hormonal contraceptives such as Ortho Tri Cyclen are the best choice for any woman who desires an effective birth control drug, as they not only provide superior contraception, but are also safe, easy to use, and provide several beneficial effects that are greatly appreciated by many patients. These effects are also one of the several reasons doctors tend to prescribe Ortho Tri Cyclen to younger women, as they help to normalize the hormonal balance and organize numerous bodily processes to ensure a more conformable and safe maturing of the organism.

These beneficial effects include:

The Correct Way to Start and Take Ortho Tri Cyclen

When you obtain your first package of pills, whether you buy Ortho Tri Cyclen online or purchase it from a local pharmacy, You will need to decide on which day to start using it, as this drug should not be initiated just at any time.

There are two possible starting points to choose from:

  1. To start on the first day of your period (also known as "First Day Start"). As you may have guessed, this method involves taking your first pill on the first day bleeding occurs, since from the body's point of view that is when the period begins. If you only have the usual discomfort or pain (or any of the other possible symptoms like back pain, mood swings or headache), that is not "officially" the start of the period, and you should wait until the bleeding starts. If you choose to start Ortho Tri Cyclen this way, you will no longer need to use other means of contraception - just follow your daily dosage regimen, and after your period ends your body will already have developed its pregnancy prevention mechanism.
  2. To start on the first Sunday following the start of your period (a "Sunday Start"). Again, this method is pretty straight-forward: wait until your period begins, then wait until Sunday, be it a week away or a day away, and take your first pill. Note that if the first day of your period happens to land on a Sunday, you should regard that as a "First Day Start" (method 1). You might ask why this second method is even necessary. Well, for one thing if you have accidently skipped the first day of your period, the second method is your only choice to begin the treatment, unless you want to wait another month. Second, it is generally believed that starting on a Sunday decreases your chances of a period coming in on a weekend, but that is not always true. However, when you start on Sunday, you will need to use backup contraception (such as condoms) for at least a week to make sure the medication has enough time to begin working properly.

Once you have chosen the day you will start Ortho Tri Cyclen and the treatment begins, you will need to follow the dosage regimen, indicated on the pack - if you have a Dialpak, follow the order indicated on the face side - take the pills in order, counter-clockwise. If you have a regular pack, the correct order will also be provided on the top side, indicating the days of the week as well as highlighting the phase of a period. You can ask the pharmacist present at the store where you buy Tri Cyclen birth control for any additional instructions or if you have any questions on how to use either of the packs. Each pack, regardless of type, will contain 28 pills. The first 21 contain active ingredients, while the other 7 are "reminder" pills that will help you stay on course without taking a 7 day break from the regimen.

That's it! All that is left now is to take your Ortho Tri Cyclen every day, without skipping, and remember to restock on time to begin a new pack right after the first one runs out of pills. If you buy Ortho Tri Cyclen online, remember that it may take some time for the package to be delivered. Just to be certain, add another week to the promised delivery date in case it gets delayed. Better safe than sorry.

Things to Consider while Taking Ortho Tri Cyclen

As an additional advice, it would be wise to follow these few simple tips during the treatment:

Before you Start the Treatment with Ortho Tri Cyclen

While Ortho Tri Cyclen is usually considered a rather safe birth control solution, you should still be aware of certain precautionary details before starting the treatment with it. You can either ask them of the pharmacist when you buy Tri Cyclen birth control, or you can contact your doctor and clarify if your medical condition puts you at any risk while using this medication.

If you have any of the following conditions, you will definitely need to consult a professional physician and ask if it is safe for you to take Ortho Tri Cyclen, and if you require any dosage adjustment:

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