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People who wish to buy Yaz online should be fully aware of the possible advantages and disadvantages of using this drug, due to its potency as a contraceptive...

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General Information about Yaz

Yaz Dronis

Yaz belongs to class of combination oral hormonal contraceptives (commonly known as "The Pill"), and proves to be a very effective, convenient, and easy to use method of birth control. Because of its specific pharmacology, Yaz may be useful not only in the field of contraception, but also in treating acne, and assisting in relieving the symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD (not to be confused with PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome, a condition not treatable with Yaz). Naturally, these effects are an additional advantage to using Yaz as a birth control drug - whatever else it is used for, this medication will still prevent you from becoming pregnant. Yaz should only be used by women over 14 years of age, who have already had their first period. Remember that just as any other medication, Yaz may not be suited for everyone, and you may need to contact your medical healthcare provider to learn more about this medication as well as get information on what you should and should not do while taking this drug. Smoking is one of the several serious prohibitions while taking Yaz, as it may greatly increase the risk of serious side effects, such as heart attack or blood clot. Women over 35 should also consider the possible disadvantages of using Yaz as their birth control solution. Certain other precautions do exist, and you should learn more about them before you buy Yaz birth control online; some of the safety information on Yaz is available further on this page.

Difference of Yaz from Other Contraceptive Pills

Every brand of oral hormonal contraceptives proves to be different from another, but to a different degree as well; some are very similar, others are rather unique when compared to similar drugs. Yaz belongs to the latter, and apart from the fact that you can buy Yaz, this contraceptive pill has several other distinct traits. Unlike most oral contraceptives, a package of Yaz contains 24 active pills (those that contain the hormonal ingredients) and 4 inactive pills (those that do not have any effect on the body, and act only as a reminder), compared to 21 and 7 ratio most of the other drugs have. This slight difference proves to be of great value, since having fever inactive pills will help reduce the severity of certain symptoms and adverse reactions that may possibly occur when no active pills are taken, at the time when a period usually occurs. Another important difference is the nature of active ingredients used in Yaz. As you may know, all combination hormonal contraceptives contain two types of female hormones, a progestin and an estrogen. For Yaz, these substances are ethinyl estradiol, acting as estrogen), and drospirenone, acting as progestin. While ethinyl estradiol is a quite common component for contraceptive drugs, drospirenone is a unique choice for this role - its pharmacological function makes it to be closely related to a diuretic ("water pill"), enabling it more potent ability to suppress male hormones; testosterone in particular. Although they are called male hormones, these substances are also present in women, albeit in minute amounts. But even these seemingly insignificant quantities are often enough to cause various troubles for a female body, including acne, abnormal muscle mass gain (easily mistaken for plain weight gain), changes in voice and intensified body hair growth. In rare cases, abnormal amounts of male hormones may lead to serious bodily dysfunctions and complications. Getting the levels of testosterone to their appropriate values will allow to steadily get rid of most if not all of these symptoms.

Dosage Details for Birth Control with Yaz

If you start using Yaz for the first time, or have not used it or another hormonal contraceptive for a while, you may choose one of the two possible starting points to take your first pill: a "First Day Start", when you take the initial pill on the first day of your period, and a "Sunday Start", when you start taking Yaz on the first Sunday following the start of your period. If you choose option one, you will not need to use backup contraception after your period has ended, as the drug will already be in effect. If you choose to start on Sunday, you will have to use backup, such as condoms, for at least another week before the contraceptive effect can be fully realized. Your doctor may recommend another time to start taking this medication, but if you buy Yaz, one of these two methods is generally a preferred choice to initiate the treatment. If you were using a different hormonal contraceptive pill before starting Yaz, you should start a new pack of this medication the next day after your previous birth control drug. This way, no backup contraception will be necessary as well.

The regimen itself is very simple for Yaz:

Basic Precautions for Yaz

Most of the currently available drugs and medications have their own requirements and potential side effects, and Yaz is no different in that regard. Even though it is possible to buy Yaz birth control online, you may still need to consult your healthcare provider before you can begin treatment with this drug. Certain medical conditions and disorders may make it unsafe to use Yaz, especially if your doctor has not evaluated the potential benefits and disadvantages of using this drug in your situation.

Some of these conditions are included in the list below, but be aware that this list is not a complete one:

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